Update from the City

The City would like to thank everyone who attended the public meetings hosted in Ventura and Oak View this week. For those who missed the meeting or would like to revisit the conversation, we will be making the recordings of these meetings available on our Resources page as soon as the footage is provided to us. We will also make our presentation slides available on our Resources page. Additionally, it was requested by an audience member that we provide the terms of the agreement with the City and Santa Barbara Channelkeeper. This was an excellent suggestion and we will be uploading this on our Resources page soon as well.

On Feb. 27, the City will ask the court for a six-month extension as it works with other large water users to develop a local, collaborative settlement agreement, which protects the watershed, as well as all users’ local water rights. We will share the outcome of that hearing here, as soon as that determination has been made.

Over the next couple of days, we will be reviewing all questions and comment cards submitted at the meetings in order to update our FAQ page. It is our goal to continue to develop this site into a comprehensive resource for information related specifically to the watershed legal proceedings and next steps. We appreciate your patience as we update the website with this information. 

Thank you for making your voices heard and for sharing your opinions as we all work together to maintain local control of our precious resource and water rights.